Why Nomadic Earnings?

After nearly two decades as a maternity nurse and a coach for young mothers, I decided it was time for a change. For twenty years, babies dictated a big part of my schedule, and while I had a great time working in maternity care, I longed for more freedom in my planning.

I dreamed of a location-independent income, so I could work from different places.

I started creating sidestreams of income to replace my income as a maternity nurse. It took me 2 years, but now all my income is location-independent. On this website, I tell you about my journey.

In theory, I could travel full-time.

But I like to spend time with and take care of my family.

So, Parttime-Nomad it is, for now.

All I need is my laptop, a Wi-Fi connection, and some quiet time to focus on my work.

In 2022 I made my Nomadic Earnings from Cadzand in the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Thailand, and Indonesia.